These lists come from a variety of sources. We make deals to purchase consumer lists from many companies in bulk. Homeowner lists are built from census data and other sources plus we have a partnership with a network of 600+ big websites that have opt-in forms.

Don’t Expect 100?curacy Most people think that sales leads, mailing lists or databases are 100?curacy . This is simply not possible. Businesses come and go on a daily basis, so maintaining 100?curacy is a myth. Our databases are not perfect, but they are the best and most accurate in the industry. Our business databases are updated every month and are 95?curate. Our consumer databases are approximately 90?curate. We’ll provide you with the highest quality databases, but keep in mind that no list is 100?curate. Expect our email databases to be 85?curate and for you to have an average of 60% successful send rate depending on experience and hygiene resources. We Can’t Qualify Every Business Name…Every day Many people believe that all sales leads are pre-qualified. Most of the time, they will have very high expectations for their sales leads, mailing lists and databases. While we are constantly updating our files, it is simply impossible to guarantee that every name is valid and is a “qualified” lead. When You Are Dealing with Billions of Records… It is very possible that there will be inaccuracies and that there will be some holes and obsolete names. Unfortunately, that is just the nature of this business. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are not being honest! Yes, we do scrub our leads against the Federal Do Not Call List… but are not guaranteed. However, keep in mind, new phone numbers are added to the Do Not Call list every day and the DNC list is constantly changing. If you select leads with phones ‘where available’, the leads that have phone numbers that match the DNC list will be flagged. If you select a list with 100% DNC scrubbed phones, all leads are scrubbed against the DNC list and all phone numbers that match are removed. Additionally, because people add new phone numbers to the Do Not Call list every day and the DNC list is constantly changing, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that these phone numbers have been removed from your leads before calling. If you select 100% phones, all leads will contain a phone number; both available for calling and those that have been flagged for DNC.

If our marketing team includes a guarantee on Financial leads this means you are guaranteed 4 clients per purchased group. If you purchase 2 groups then you are guaranteed 8 clients total. The guarantee is typically a refund back to your payment method if the clients are not closed within 4 months. If you closed a portion of the new clients then the refund is pro-rated. Example if you are guaranteed 4 clients and you closed 2 then you would be refunded 1/2 of your payment. All guarantees are approved by Your account manager, back office and our accounting team. Your account must be in good standing to receive a refund.

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